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Maintenance of Systems

All our security systems that we install are maintained by us, but we can also offer a service where we will maintain security systems that are already installed by another company.

Maintenance of such security systems is important to ensure the equipment is working to it`s optimum level e.g. the quality of the images are maintained to a high standard or the alarms are tested periodically.

We recommend that at least once a year a qualified engineer should make a thorough check of the system in question.

CCTV Security Systems Maintenance

Regularly maintaining a CCTV System is important to make sure that it stays reliable, in working condition and fit for purpose. Early detection of problems are essential to be able to fix the problem before it gets any worse and beyond repair or make sure that if there is a security breach the equipment is working correctly to record the event properly e.g. high quality video and stills.

Access Control Maintenance

Maintenance to your Access Control System (ACS) is essential even for the best of systems to avoid depreciation of the components or to avoid faults occurring.

Health and Safety issues come into effect with ACS maintenance schedules e.g. you need to guarantee effective emergency evacuation protocols and workers being trapped in the building.

Also other issues can occur if there is a failure in the ACS:-

  • Staff can go absent without authorisation and blame it on the system
  • Loss of business
  • Property can go missing due to lack of security available
  • Payroll issues - no time logs of entry and exit

So a comprehensive maintenance program is essential to protect your Access Control System for your property and the employees well-being.

Intruder Alarm Maintenance

To maintain your alarm system to the best possible standard is fundamental for an efficient operating security system. Breakdowns in the system could have dire consequences and leave your property open to intruders.

For insurance purposes a lack of maintenance could render the policy invalid and leave the business open to financial problems if there was a burglary. Also a malfunctioning alarm may mean that the police response in times of intrusion will not be available as the system wont be able to inform them.

Therefore it is essential to have the whole Intruder Alarm System regularly maintained by a qualified engineer from HS Security Systems.

Need an Alarm System Maintained? Then please call us on 0800 999 5949.

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